Aspîre PDT actively seeks and receives delegate feedback from our training courses. The following feedback has been taken from a selection of delegates attending recent training courses:


BAE Systems in-house Principles of Supportability Engineering Course (2 days) – 22nd & 23rd Aug 2016, delivered by Peter Stuttard:

This was an excellent course for introducing the Principles of Supportability delivered by a tutor who was clearly an expert in the field. I have already used the knowledge I gained from this course a number of times in my role.”  Jordan Lee, BAE Systems Warton, UK. (Scored the course 9 out of 10)

“This course was very informative to me personally. I had started in a new role in February and found that during the course that I had gained a lot more knowledge in the role than I thought I had. The course underpinned everything I had learned and do in my day to day role and has given me the confidence to realise that I actually know what I am doing!!!”  Lee Halliday, BAE Systems Warton, UK. (Scored the course 8 out of 10)

“Excellent content and presentation of material covering the topic to a suitable level for a two day introduction course, would recommend.  Neil Thomas, BAE Systems Warton, UK. (Scored the course 9 out of 10)

“An excellent and worthwhile introduction to Support Engineering.  Peter Busby, BAE Systems Warton, UK. (Scored the course 9 out of 10)

Logistics Support Analysis – Supportability Analysis Course – 11th – 15th July 2016, delivered by Peter Stuttard:

“Had a great time.  Peter was a great instructor and host.  Found a lot of things that I can apply and further improve my team.”  Van Do, Thales US. (Scored the course 10 out of 10)

“Peter is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff!”  Scott Kisby, PA Consulting, UK. (Scored the course 10 out of 10)

TNA Foundation Course (2.5 days) – 31st May – 2nd Jun 2016, delivered by Barry Howarth:

Thanks for a well delivered TNA foundation course, the knowledge imparted to me is already being put to good use.”  Bernie Pilny, General Dynamics, UK. (Scored the course 9 out of 10)

Virgin Trains East Coast – Introduction to RCM – 10th & 11th May 2016, delivered by Gary Kristensen and Chris James:

Gary is very knowledgeable and delivers the course at a steady pace keeping a good level of interest throughout the course.Kevin Seeruthun, Virgin Trains East Coast, UK. (Scored the course 9 out of 10)

Well presented and thought-provoking course by guys who obviously know their stuff!Steven Ramage, Virgin Trains East Coast, UK. (Scored the course 8 out of 10)

Introduction to RCM – 21st – 23rd Mar 2016, delivered by Chris James:

Excellent RCM course, very useful for the basic principles.Chris Laws, BAE Systems, UK.

Principles of RCM (Defence) – 2nd – 4th Nov 2015, delivered by Gavin Walker:

Well designed course for students new to the RCM process and who will be directly employed within the Defence sector.Lionel Spooner, BAE Systems, RAF Coningsby, UK.

Logistics Support Analysis – Supportability Analysis Course – 5th – 9th October 2015, delivered by Peter Stuttard:

“The LSA course has provided me with good insight into the true scope and depth of the LSA world and has given me a better understanding of my place within it and the direction I need to take to further expand my knowledge. I look forward to applying my learning back in the workplace and the benefits it will bring to my organisation as a whole.”  Shane Clarke, MSI-Defence Systems Ltd, Norwich, UK.

Logistics Support Analysis – Supportability Analysis Course – 20th to 24th July 2015, delivered by Peter Stuttard:

“Extremely passionate about the subject matter and very knowledgeable.  Never stumped and helpful.  I would recommend this course to those involved in the engineering aspects of MoD hardware procurement.”
Grant Alexander, CGI IT, UK.

“Could clearly identify the instructor had years of experience and could pass this experience across to the class clearly and confidently.”  Kevin Perry, BMT Defence Services Limited, UK.

MSG-3 Courses Worldwide, delivered by Gavin Walker:

“Mr. Walker was found to be well conversed with this topic. Presented well and able to demonstrate good teaching habits.”  Airline Inspector, Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand. Maintenance Steering Group 3, Singapore, January 2013.

“I just wanted to thank Aspîre for the excellent course. All the attendees took a great deal away from it; it has made the team look at maintenance in a different light and has given us the tools to present the evidence to those sceptics resistant to change”.

“The Presenter’s depth of knowledge was impressive and his delivery was pitched exactly right to engage everyone in our team regardless of their experience, the course content was well crafted and relevant to our business”.

”Very good Course Notes pack”.

”The Course from start to end was great”.

”Good course, very useful”.

“Very knowledgeable on the subject.”
Senior Maintenance Planner, Air North Australia, Maintenance Steering Group 3, Singapore, January 2013

“Great presenter, well used of visual aid to make the 3-day workshop interesting. Knowledgeable as he shared his experiences and stories during lectures”
Air Force Engineer, Republic of Singapore Air Force, Maintenance Steering Group 3, Singapore
November 2014

“Very experienced, well informed, excellent training techniques”
Maintenance Controller, ST Aerospace, Maintenance Steering Group 3, Singapore, November 2014

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