Supportability Engineering and ILS Courses

Our range of Supportability Engineering and ILS Courses.

Supportability Engineering and ILS Courses – Optimising the performance of plant, systems, platforms or assets and reducing costs by analysing the performance, usage environment, reliability, maintenance, support needs and Life Cycle Cost.

Supportability Engineering and ILS courses are designed to provide the delegate with a high level of knowledge of all the aspects that are contained within an integrated logistic support (ILS) system. Our courses are based on foundation principles derived from Def Stan 00-600 and contained in Joint Service Publication (JSP) 886 (now contained with the Defence Logistic Framework (DLF), and are applicable to defence and civil industry alike.

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Principles of Supportability Engineering (SE) Foundation Provides a broad understanding of the complex topic of Supportability Engineering…….Read More…  2 days 30-31 May 17
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Logistics Support Analysis Principles and Practice (LSA) Foundation A practical course which teaches the application and management of Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) within a System Engineering context…….Read More… 5 days 22-26 May 17
This Course is also available ‘On Demand’ to you ‘in-house’
£1499 + VAT (Discounts are available)

Supportability Engineering and ILS Courses - Sign Up Now

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Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR) Foundation A practical course that is designed to complement the Aspîre PDT Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) course…….Read More…  5 days This Course is available ‘On Demand’ to you ‘in-house’

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Supportability Engineering and ILS Courses include the Logistics Support Analysis Course and the Principles of Supportability Engineering Course.

About the instructor – Peter Stuttard is the founder and CEO of Aspîre Consulting Ltd. He is a specialist in Supportability Engineering (SE)/ Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Logistic Support Analysis (LSA)/ Supportability Analysis (SA) with over 37 years of experience gained working with defence, civil industry, original equipment manufacturers and their supporting organisations, and teaching into post graduate university courses.

He has worked with the UK MoD, overseas Governments and a wide range of prime contractors, in places as diverse as the UK, Singapore, Germany, Sweden, Australia, South Africa and Turkey. If you require a Supportability Engineering and ILS Courses subject matter expert, then look no further than Peter!

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